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Wall of Fame

At Waukesha High School several years ago, a committee was formed and established some selection criteria and made the initial selections to honor accomplishments and contributions of honored graduates. The committee established criteria to ensure recognition of a broad cross-section of achievers.  The five categories established were: professional, athletic/entertainment, science/technology, community service and entrepreneur/ industrialist.

The class of 1961 was honored by the selection of two charter members to the Wall of Fame:  Bob Davies and Tad Oelstrom.   In addition to building a successful family dental practice in Waukesha, Bob has served for over 20 years on the Board of Education and served seven times as its President.  Tad's 39 years of distinguished service in the Air Force following his graduation from from the U. S. Air Force Academy culminated with his assignment back to his alma mater as its Superintendent, carrying the rank of a 3-star Lieutenant General.   Tad now serves at the Director of the National Security Program at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.  In 2006, Jean Oettinger became the third 1961 graduate to be added to The Wall and has notable achievements in coaching sports at several Wisconsin high schools during her 30+ years of teaching. 

For full information showing the Wall of Fame recognition of our honored classmates from the Waukesha South High School website, click on their names, below...

Bob Davies

Tad Oelstrom

Jean Oettinger
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