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Tad & Sandy Oelstrom
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February 14, 1943 educator Married 3
Tad and Sandy (Illing) have been dating for 52 years.  We left Waukesha for Colorado where we attended nearby schools-- Air Force Academy and Denver University, respectively.  We spent 35 years in the AF, most of which was flying jets, with one diversion- the final assignment- as Superintendent of the Air Force Academy.  We raised three pretty special daughters (a doctor, a lawyer and a business woman..) amid 30 moves,living and working in 6 countries and 3 continents. Currently we are in our tenth year in Boston with Tad teaching at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and Sandy dividing her time between Boston area volunteer jobs and five grandchildren in the DC area.  It's been a GREAT 50 years!  Note from your Website Administrator: Sandy passed away January, 2022 and is listed in our “In Memoriam” section. We are leaving the picture/profile she and Tad listed with us as a tribute to her.
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Nancy Oeser (Danner)
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February 23, 1943 Retired, Yipee! Married 4
Hi ,
There must be some mistake.  It can't be 50 years!
I have been retired for 2 years, but still don't have enough hours in the day for everything I want to do.
After raising four kids and helping run our dairy farm, I started a  full line bakery.  We produced everything from donuts to wedding cakes and 98% of our products were made from scratch.  I employed 8 people and the bakery was open 5 days a week.  Baker's Dozen Bakery was located in Baraboo, Wi. perhaps some of you stopped by when visiting the Dells.  It was a great career, I loved every minute of it (maybe not the getting up at 2a.m. part).   After 10 years of putting in 60 plus hours a week, I was totally exhausted and sold the business to a young German Baker  who was working in Madison. 
 The next ten years I was employed by the Baraboo School District  as a Para Professional .Several of those years  I spent working with  Autistic children.
In 2008 we purchased a house and 37 acres near Wausaukee, Wis.  The unfinished house was only 6 years old.  Since this is sand country, we replaced all the carpeting with ceramic tile.  I have learned that laying tile is hard work!  We 
added a huge bank of windows to the living room and converted the 2 car garage area into a master bedroom suite. 
We have ten grandchildren scattered about the country.  Our youngest daughter lives about 6 miles away and teaches 1-2  grade in Wausaukee.  She has three children, the youngest is 4 and he spends two days a week keeping me running.  Our  son lives in Waterville, Maine.  He is the  Inland fish and wildlife veterinarian for the state.  He has three boys ages 9-16.   Our oldest daughter lives in Florida and manages a 400 unit condominium, her 22 yr. old step son is our oldest grandchild . Last but not least our middle daughter lives in Kalispell,Montana.  She is a stay at home Mom with three kids, working  part time as a substitute teacher.
My husband George is semi retired. He is an Organic Inspector for the state of Montana and several other agencies.  We have a 5th Wheel RV and have spent the last 6 summers on the organic inspection circuit in the Dakotas and Montana.
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Jean Oettinger
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November 27, 1942
After high school I attended LaCrosse State University.  My major was Physical Education with minors in math and health.
After teaching health, P.E. and being the GAA advisor at Sheboygan North High School for 5 years, I was hired to teach and coach at
Menomonee Falls North High School.  My Mother had 3 operations for cancer and I wanted to be closer to home.  In those days
we could get teaching jobs easier than now...LaCrosse was nationally known for P.E. which was a great help also.

Title 9 which was adopted in 1972 gave high school and college females the opportunity to participate and compete in sports.
At Waukesha High School we were most fortunate to have wonderful and competent GAA advisors who ran a superb program.

While teaching at Sheboygan North H.S. I had the opportunity to participate on an adult basketball team and softball team which
traveled statewide.  It was an honor to be named to the All State team in both sports.

My coaching experience at Menomonee Falls North and Menomonee Falls H.S. included swimming, badminton, track, volleyball
and basketball.  While coaching at Menomonee Falls H.S. I was honored with two national coaching awards in VB and track.

My Masters degrees are in education and in health, with all concentration in Emotional Health.  They are from Cardinal Stritch

At Menomonee Falls H.S. I had a wonderful experience coaching the boys track team in the long jump, high jump and triple jump.
Looking back that was one of the neatest experiences I had in my entire life.

After retirement in 1998, I worked many State and National disasters with the Red Cross as a volunteer.  The National Disasters were
in Wisconsin, Puerta Rico, New Jersey, North Carolina, and New Jersey/New York after 9-11.  I spent 5 weeks in New Jersey working with the spouces who lost their loved ones on 9-11, helping them apply for additional financial assistance and writing their rational statements.  60% who perished at the World Trade Center lived in New Jersey.  We were stationed at Liberty State Park which is across from the Statue of Liberty and was the train station many years ago where the immigrants boarded the trains to travel to various states.

We worked 7 days on with one day off when we went to New York to see plays, eat in restaurants and shop.  By showing our Red Cross ID we were given half price tickets to Radio City Music Hall and the plays.  Some restaurants even gave us half price meals.  I ate at the restaurant in the Seinfeld TV show and at the Frankie and Johnny restaurant from the movie.

Going back to 9-11, I was sitting at the LaGuardia Airport on that day reading a paper and sipping a cup of coffee, after a fun-filled
6 day vacation staying with Merrily Butler in Harlem.  The airport was evacuated.  I quickly hooked up with a buddy system, a couple
from Mequon, WI who had been visiting their son and daughter in New York.  We sat on a grass area at the airport for an hour with many others.  Then we were walked with supervision for an hour to a place where busses picked us up to take us to a YMCA shelter.  After
5 days at the shelter, we were bussed back to the airport to wait for our flight home.  While there we were evacuated again.

However, we were able to get our luggage this time.  A rental car van took the elderly couple and myself back to the YMCA where we
changed clothes and took a taxi to the home of the couples' son.  4 days later we flew home and gave the pilots a standing ovation when  the plane landed safely in Milwaukee.  That month my Mom was moved from assisted living to a nursing home so I went inactive with
the Red Cross.

It was a memorable experience going to Linden Grove 3-4 days a week to take Mom to activities, outside and to visit other residents.
My purpose was to keep her stimulated which it did.  Mom spent 4 years at Linden Grove before passing on.  After that I trained to be a volunteer on staff at the Ruth Hospice on Mill Rd in Milwaukee, near Menomonee Falls.  It was a residential hospice so some were there
for a year or two.  Some of my duties were gardening, visiting with residents, taking them outside and to visit others, and  was on call to
sit with people who had no one else while they passed on.

For 25 years I have volunteered with the Wisconsin Volleyball Coaches Association and the All State Selection Committee from August until November.

Have been happily single all my life and dated often.  Never had the feeling I needed to marry but still may someday?

Since retirement my favorite travel experience was 3 weeks in Alaska.  We spent 2.5 weeks on land with trains, busses and
boats...taking a small cruise ship for 4 days and nights to Vancouver...where we were bussed to Seattle for the flight home.  The
highlight of this trip was flying in a 6 passenger plane to the top of Mt Mc Kinley.

Recently I have been involved with the Make A Wish Foundation to grant wishes.  The last one we granted was for a 12 year old boy who has a malignant brain tumor...the doctpr just approved the wish which is in the process of being granted.

My most unexpected and overwhelming experience since retirement was my induction onto the Wall of Fame at Waukesha High School/
Waukesha South H.S
.  in September of to read, walk, bike, fish...
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Jeff Olson
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Retired Educator Married 3
I retired  to Woodway, TX, on Jan. 31, 2011, after a 38-year career as a community college educator serving colleges in 5 states, with the last 16 years as a president. The “now” photo was taken at the TX coast in July 2011.

The twelve years after high school were an interesting mix of full- and part-time employment and education.  I worked in aerospace contract admin, employed at Cutler-Hammer and Astronautics Corporation in Milwaukee, before deciding to teach.  I earned an Associate Degree from what is now MATC, a BBA from UW-Milwaukee, and a MS-BusEd from UW-Madison.

In 1968 my first wife and I married and began raising and breeding Arabian horses in Sussex, where I served a 2-year term on the Village Board of Trustees.  We moved to Wausau in 1973 when I accepted my first teaching job at North Central Technical Institute.  We built a small ranch on 80 acres North of Wausau and our herd eventually grew to 16 purebred Arabians.
In 1981, following a divorce, and with no remaining immediate family in Wisconsin (my folks had moved to Sarasota, FL in 1966), I moved to Texas to accept a position at the community college in Waco.
On January 1, 1988, Sandy and I were married, and I gained three beautiful adult daughters. Three days later, on January 4, 1988, we bought a 40 foot sailboat on the west coast of FL and began outfitting it for a year-long sail. I earned my Ph.D. (Community College Leadership Program) at the University of Texas in Austin, graduating in May 1988, and we set sail for the Bahamas.
We returned to the working world in 1989, eventually serving colleges in coastal North Carolina, South Carolina, and then in the heart of the Arkansas Ozarks.
Our years together have been very rewarding, especially because of family and our 6 grandchildren, currently aged 6 to 26, all living nearby in Texas.
Life is good, and retirement is great.  Golf is okay, but improving.

I really enjoyed seeing you all at the 50th.  I thank the committee and the BBG for a great reunion.
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Thomas Osten
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December 21, 1942 Retired Married 2

I was Army mad in high school and enlisted for 3 years.  I trained as a Nike Hercules Fire Control System (NHFCS) Maintenance Technician for the first year of my enlistment and was assigned as an instructor at the school for the remaining two years.  While serving as an instructor I met a fellow member of my Battery who was from the Milwaukee area and had gotten an Associate in electronics from the Milwaukee Institute of Technology.

I’d had enough of the Army after three years and got out.  The Analog computer in the NHFCS was the most interesting part so I attended MIT (now Milwaukee Area Technical College) to get an Associate Degree in computer electronics.  The most interesting part of the MIT course was the class that taught us how to program an early IBM computer in Fortran using punched paper tape.

Upon graduation, I managed to get a job at Digital Equipment Corporation here in Massachusetts maintaining the assembler and Fortran compiler for their PDP-6 timesharing computer.  A year or so after starting at DEC I worked with a gal named Patricia Mahoney (my future wife) on the PDP-10.  She used to bring me the Fortran benchmarks she was having trouble with on a DECtape.  This series of coincidences, one leading to the next, determined what I would do for the rest of my working life.

I spent 5 years at DEC and 22 years at Honeywell Information Systems/Honeywell Bull/Bull HN where I was Honeywell’s representative on the C standard committee, helping to standardize the C programming language (C89).  I worked on the C compiler for the DEC VAX and Alpha computers in a former DEC facility owned by Compaq while Compaq was purchased by HP.  I’ve worked on compilers and translators for Fortran, PL/I, COBOL, C and C++ written in assembler, C, and Java.

Along the way I acquired a Bachelors Degree in Management Information Systems.  I've kept up my interest in choir from my Freshman and Sophmore years of high school.  I sang tenor in my church choir for over 35 years and cantored for more than 10 years until I retired.

I retired in July 2009 after spending over 40 years as a software development engineer, specializing in compilers for most of my career.  The last 5 years were spent in Radar Software development.

My wife Pat and I have been happily married for 40 years.  She was a former missile scientist who later transitioned into finance and taxation.

Our son, Tim, is a software architect at GE Medical Systems and lives 1.4 miles from our old Senior High School.  Our daughter, Rachel, is a PhD. Astrophysicist and has responsibility for two of the instruments on the Hubble Space Telescope.  We have one grandson, Pierce, who will be 3 in 2011 and is the joy of our life.

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Jacqueline Perren (Van Willigen)
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February 04, 1943 Librarian, retired Married 2
Since Waukesha, 1961...  I went to Madison, majoring in dance.  What was I thinking?  Met John and followed him to Arizona where I got a degree in English and a teaching certificate. Our two daughers were born there and we lived in the Sonoran desert for a time.  John came to UW-Parkside for  4 years and I got a Master's degree in Library Science.  John went to the University of Kentucky and I became a high school librarian and most enjoyed opening a new high school with the first computer catalog in the system.  We have lived in India and traveled widely for work. Since retirement, I have consumed a number of hobbies including gardening, geneology, yoga, teaching ESL, birding, but most of all travel.  In 2006, we went on Semester at Sea for one semester and we were hooked on the beauty and comfort of cruising and have seldom missed an opportunity to explore another port. We recently rescued a Papillon and bringing him into the world after life in a cage interests me now. Send Jacqueline a MessageSend Jacqueline a Message
Dean Peterson
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December 27, 1942 semi-retired Married 3

Note from your Website Administrator: Dean passed away December, 2014, and is listed in our “In Memoriam” section. We are leaving the picture/profile he listed with us as a tribute to him.

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Joanne Rees (Altman)
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October 22, 1943 Retired Teacher Married 2
After graduating from Ripon College I taught school in Aurora IL. I met my husband Chuck and married him in 1969. We moved to Easton PA. There we had 2 daughters and after 3 years we moved to Wausau WI where we chose to live till now. I stayed home with our children for 14 years, returned to teaching for 15 years and retired in 2001. These past 10 years I have tested for our school district and tutored children in our home. We love to bike , kayak, and golf. One daughter lives in Wausau WI with 3 children and the other lives in Anchorage AK with 4 children. We love to have people in our home . My favorite thing to do is share God's Word in studies at church , in our home or speak at retreats. I regret I can't get to the reunion but each year we always get together with our families  in Phelps Wi that week . I will talk to Jean Oettinger to hear all about it. Have a great time.  Jo
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Kathleen Rumisek (Rather)
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February 05, 1943 retired Married 3
"Awesome" you guys found me.  But, what a wakeup call - 50 years already!

Have there been reunions since the 10th?  This is the first notification I've received since our tenth class reunion.  I am definitely planning on being at this one.

My life, briefly:  moved to Texas July 5, 1976.  My husband had a job offer and quite honestly we were tired of the winters in Wisconsin, so it wasn't too difficult to move.  Spent the first year in the Austin area, then Corpus Christi for 7 years, then to San Antonio for the last 27 years.  We live in the Hill Country and love it.

After graduation I worked for Miller Brewing Company; married; started a family.  Upon moving to Texas, I worked for my husband in Corpus Christi.  Living in San Antonio, I was the Marketing Director for a retirement community.  After leaving that position, I did substitute teaching at Ft. Sam Houston Elementary School and realized I missed my calling.  I loved it!  I stay at home now, ( Retired?) there's not enough time in the day to get things done!

My husband, Jack, is still actively employed, but, we do manage to do some traveling.  Great times are spent with our 3 children and 7 grandchildren (one more is on the way I am proud to announce).

Family and friends stilll reside in Wisconsin (New Berlin, Waukesha, Pewaukee, Hartland, Oconomowoc and Milwaukee areas), so we do get back often.

Looking forward to seeing as many classmates as possible in August 2011.

You've set up an awesome website.  Thank you. It brings back many memories.

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James Russell
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March 07, 1943 Teacher-Retired Married 5
Note from your Website Administrator: James passed away May, 2019, and is listed in our “In Memoriam” section.  We are leaving the picture/profile he listed with us as a tribute to him. Send James a MessageSend James a Message
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