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Blackshirt Ramblings
Blackshirt Ramblings
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Dan Steffen
Posted on the 2021-08-01 at 20:00
Looking forward to our 60th reunion on the weekend of September 10-11. 
Mary Rogalski
Posted on the 2018-08-03 at 20:00
Great pictures of the 75th....thanks for posting.
Mary Montgomery
Posted on the 2018-02-26 at 19:00
Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Donna Williams !!
Sandy Mielke Cadd
Posted on the 2016-09-07 at 20:00
Looking forward to seeing you at the reunion.
Dan Steffen
Posted on the 2016-07-14 at 20:00
Julie Traver passed away less than a year after our 20th reunion.  Prior to her passing and when she was in the hospital, Jean Oettinger and Dan Steffen sent her flowers.  We thought you might be interested in her personal and touching response that she sent to Jean and Dan.  Click here to view.
Reggie Conger
Posted on the 2016-07-11 at 20:00
I am looking forward to reconnecting with friends at the reunion. In addition to other activities, I have continued to write fiction. See my web page,       Reggie
Lyn (Thierfelder) Weigel
Posted on the 2016-01-26 at 19:00
It was great seeing you this summer.  Karen Meehan, Connie Chrisrianson, an Darlene Poppie.     It sure made me homesick I'll see you in September  To my twin Lee Radmer.   See you soon cutie
mary montgomery
Posted on the 2015-07-16 at 20:00
Happy Birthday, Peter Lee !!
Ronna Swift
Posted on the 2015-02-12 at 19:00
Our mom, Betty Swift, co-leader of GS troop 14, died on January 2nd, 2015, at the age of 92 1/2.  She had Alzheimers and then the flu.  She was feisty up to the end.  I am tyryng to connect with members of the GS troop and First Methodist as I have a letter we wrote about her for old friends (her request).  We three kids all live in Appleton.  Mom was at Cedar Community in West Bend.  Our troop went thru graduation with many earning their Curved Bar.  Same with my sister Connie. Then mom rewrote the GS handbook and had a special ed troop.  We are also proud of her for researching and teaching genealogy in Waukesha and Milwaukee.  She put together about 40 books about our family and published 4.  One line came on the Mayflower.  I still play bass in symphony, attend UU, help with the urban farm I helped save 4 years ago when the golf course behind my house sold, visit my sons/grandkids, and take trips.  My husband, Ron Wahl, is still building pipe organs at Houdini Temple here in town.  If you are coming thru Appleton, give a call at 920-205-2589.  And yes, I am still very involved with the progressive political scene.  I retired from teaching in corrections almost 7 years ago.  
Karin \Cookie\ Ades
Posted on the 2015-02-09 at 19:00
Hi, WHS Class of ’61!

It took me 50 years to attend my first reunion, so I guess three more years is not bad to say thank you to Da Committee. It was splendid and fun and I appreciated your warm welcomes after such a long time.

Unfortunately, I have terminal lung cancer and I am receiving end-of-life care, which means I won’t make it to the 55th. Sorry to Cynda and Barbie for not answering their emails – I’ve simply been too ill.

Big thanks to Peter and Karen Lee for taking me around. Flash is right: we are special – and we are still cool!

Cheers & love,

Susan Bassett
Posted on the 2013-06-29 at 20:00
Hi,  I am the daughter of Kathleen Pladies.   I just found this and thought I would update anyone that knew her.    Kathy married Richard Pladies and had 5 children 4 boys and 1 girl.   She now has 19 grandchildren and 5 great grandkids. 
She is very sick at this time and has Pulmonary Fibrosis which has no cure.  She most likely won't be alive by Christmas 2013.  She has excided the time her doctors have given her :-)   Please Keep her in your Thoughts and Prayers.    If anyone wants to send her a message you can do it though me as my parents don't have email.
Thank you,
(note to classmates from  You may remember Kathleen Pladies as our classmate, Kathy Bird.  Kathy now has pictures and contact information in the "Then and Now" section of our website.)
Jack Dresdow
Posted on the 2013-04-29 at 20:00
Some classmates may remember (former Alderman) Charlie Betker from the class of '63, who was, and is, a good friend with many of our '61 classmates.  After a record breaking 38 years on the Waukesha Common Council, Charlie finally left office in 2008.  On September 13th, the day of our Friday Social, he will be inducted into the Waukesha South Wall of Fame.  The ceremony is at 2:00 in the school auditorium and anyone may attend to pay tribute to this fine man.  He will also be recognized at halftime of that evening's home football game.  If you need more information about this event, or want to know more about what Charlie contributed to our hometown city, email me at .
Jack Dresdow
Posted on the 2013-03-13 at 20:00
Bill Schley, husband of our Sandy Voight and a '62 WHS grad, has compiled a great book with historical pictures of the old YMCA Attic.  You may view a sample and purchase the book at his website.  Check it out by clicking HERE.
Jack Dresdow/Mike Galles
Posted on the 2012-08-27 at 20:00
 Mike Galles is trying to find our classmate SHARON KERZNER.  He was contacted by someone who says he\'s a relative and is building a family tree.  Sharon was with the The Cardinal Star staff.  If you have contact information for Sharon, please email or message either of us (Then and Now Section) and we will provide Sharon with the name and contact information of a person who is trying to contact her.
Bonnie Buege Schmitt
Posted on the 2012-02-27 at 19:00
Jack, thanks again for all of your time consuming hard work. I have looked at the photo album for the second time now and reminiscing and seeing some of our classmates I missed at the reunion.  The album is wonderful.
Jean Paszkiet (Eldredge)
Posted on the 2011-10-17 at 20:00
Hi Everyone:  Jill and I had a great time both Friday and Saturday Night!  It was good to see Dave Rowlands and Dick Kranpitz.  Some people just never change in appearance.  Unfortunately a lot of my pics had a yellow cast to them because of the lighting.  (I need to learn to fix that)  But it was great to see people and catch up on what everyone is doing.  Looking forward to the next one.
Janie Hopson Anderson
Posted on the 2011-10-16 at 20:00
What fun the reunion was! All credit goes to the reunion committee for a job well done. They overcame obstacles - including a restaurant closing - and put on a couple of terrific parties. I am so glad I was able to attend.

Thanks, too, to Jack Dresdow for his fantastic work on the website and to Mike Galles for the BBG updates. I know more about Waukesha and WHS than I have in decades, thanks to them!
Reynold (Reggie) Conger
Posted on the 2011-10-14 at 20:00
Great Reunion.  Thanks committee.

I want everyone to know my thriller, Chased Across Australia, is now out.  Eventually it will be available from most book sellers in hard cover, paperback and electronic format.  Excerpts can be found at


Mike Galles
Posted on the 2011-10-14 at 20:00
I want to thank webmaster Jack Dresdow for the outstanding job he has done for our class. Everytime I visit this site I find somehting new he has has heart and soul in to, thank you Jack.
I also want to thank my classmates for making our 50th reunion such an enjoyable and memorable event. I had a great time, thanks classmates!
Dan Steffen
Posted on the 2011-10-14 at 20:00
Flash, your work on this website is top shelf..Reunion committee.. all your hard work was noticed by the outstanding time we all had..Thanks to everyone.  It was a special time for me to see so many classmates after all these years.  Hope to see everyone in 2116. Join us at a BBG breakfast when you are in the area.
Dan Steffen
dave zick
Posted on the 2011-09-10 at 20:00
The fault was definately j.D."s also known as mr. A  The rest of the team including Blackie, Issy, and Norm(also known as Mr. S>>>>>>>>>. tried to
provide support as they did on the football field; but the flash fizzed.  50 years will do that to you. Besides the native americans and I have a deal fish or casino winnings, not both.  Thanks for putting the photo in, yes it is our lake.
Arlene Tunnell Walczak
Posted on the 2011-09-10 at 20:00
Reunion committee, I want to thank you for all your effforts in planning our reunion. I had such a great time! I just wanted you to know that I really appreciated all of your work. Ya done good, Crew!
Norm Florence
Posted on the 2011-09-04 at 20:00
I would like to thank Dave Zick and his wife for the hospitality and good time we had on our fishing trip. I have no doubt there must be fish in his lake. Next time we must hire someone who knows the lake and where the heck the fish are located . Maybe the problem was Dresdow I thought I saw a black cloud  hanging over his head. And Jack thank\'s for your contribution in the bar dice games.
Dan Steffen
Posted on the 2011-09-03 at 20:00
Hats off the the entire reunion committee for their planning and successful gathering.  It was a great time.  Now Flash, you are on board as the Webmaster for the years to come.  Thanks for personal help on my computer.  I think I got it down.  Great to see you.  Great work Flash!!!!!!!
Jack Dresdow, David Isabell, Dave Black, Norm Florence
Posted on the 2011-09-03 at 20:00
 If anyone knows of a lake near the Wisconsin/U.P. border that has fishing, please send David Zick a message to let him know where it is.... as David lives on a lake that has NO FISH!
Ronna Swift
Posted on the 2011-08-23 at 20:00
Randall School classmates:  I hope to get a photo of us both Friday night and Saturday night if possible.  Ideas?
Jack Dresdow
Posted on the 2011-08-13 at 20:00
Ronna - I just spoke with Dave Isabell regarding your question.  Yes, sometime during the evening there will be a segment for grade school pictures and he has it in his notes so he can announce it.  Dave said there is no designated photographer, but there will be an assembly of the grade schools for group pictures with your own camera.  So, bring your camera if you want a personal pic of your old group.

Dave also mentioned that they have a videographer who will shoot the reunion and then sell the DVD later.  When I get more information, I\'ll post it on our website.
Ronna Swift
Posted on the 2011-08-11 at 20:00
Randall School friends
Is there a way we can gather briefly during the reunion for a swift visit and photo?  Ideas are welcome.  Ronna Swift

Jack, I am sure you can help us figure this out.  I was hoping all grade schools could gather at the same time briefly.  I know, some folks are only coming Friday and some Saturday. 
Jack Dresdow
Posted on the 2011-08-11 at 20:00
Ronna - I\'m not on the Reunion Committee but I\'ll make sure they know about your question.  They may already have something planned.
Jack Dresdow
Posted on the 2011-08-04 at 20:00
An event was just added to our weekend.  Details of a high school tour on Saturday morning are in the Reunion Details page.
Jack Dresdow
Posted on the 2011-07-20 at 20:00
Regarding the Blackshirt Breakfast, As of 7/21/11, banquet room is FULL! If you have not made a reservation with Mike, you are welcome but those without reservations through Mike Galles will be seated in the main dining room, not the scheduled Banquet Room.)
Jack Dresdow
Posted on the 2011-07-04 at 20:00
As of July 5th, a complete list of those attending our reunion appears in our "REUNION - coming" section.  It now includes those who will not attend the Saturday eveniong event, but who will attend other events such as the Friday night casual.
Mary Montgomery
Posted on the 2011-06-23 at 20:00
Is there a preview before I add my profile??
And is there a way to add photos to albums like other years have done??
Jack Dresdow
Posted on the 2011-06-23 at 20:00
Mary - There is not a "preview" feature to the profiles, but you may edit at any time.  If you\'ve saved your password, you may edit your narrative or change your "now" picture, even after immeditately posting your original profile.  If you, or any classmate, needs assistance with these edits, we\'re happy to help...

As far as photo albums are concerned, we haven\'t established a process for posting of albums by classmates.  The class of 1960 has extensive photo albums and Mike Rose and Carla Pippenburg have put enormous effort into their website.  In establishing , the intent was to keep the interactive features to a minimum and make our website primarily informational.  Photo albums may require scanning, uploading, review, editing, and posting, which all take daily attention of either the reunion committee or webmaster.  We are setting up a system to post reunion pictures, after all the events have concluded.

See ya in August
gary kohler, sr.
Posted on the 2011-05-13 at 20:00
Please let me know more about the class reunion this year.  I have missed all of them.

(note from webmaster:  I\'ve emailed Gary to offer any assistance he may need.)
Jack Dresdow
Posted on the 2011-05-13 at 20:00
Hey everyone - Marlea said that the reunion committee is accepting late registrations.  If you know of anyone (maybe you?) who hasn\'t signed up yet for our 50th reunion in August, now\'s the time.  See the "REUNION DETAILS" page.
Arlene Tunnell Walczak
Posted on the 2011-03-19 at 20:00

My husband and I have just moved to Franklin on Feb. 28th, so all of our energies have been focused on that BIG, BIG event. While packing, I found a get well card that many of you signed when I had my tonsils out in 8th grade! Hey, Guys! We go back a long way! Great to see you names and read what you have been up to. 

Karen Holmberg
Posted on the 2011-03-16 at 20:00
Hi all,
Just wanted to tell you all hello. I am not decided on coming back as yet. I may not make it.
But reading the bios and all, it is starting to pull at my heartstrings.  I haven\'t been back to Waukehsa since 1995 when my eldest brother died. 
 If I don\'t make it back, hope all goes well and all those of you who connect are the richer for it.
Best wishes to you all, Karen
Dan Steffen
Posted on the 2011-01-08 at 19:00
I was asked by a classmate who is planning on coming to the 50th, "Where do I send my money that I am coming"  my answer was, I will find out?
Thanks for the help.....

(Note from Class Webmaster:  I just spoke with Dave Isabell, who\'s on the Reunion Committee.  Dave advised that the next meeting is on January 17th and they will be preparing the letter to all classmates at that meeting. This will include registration information)
Karen Bischoff Efron
Posted on the 2010-10-31 at 20:00
 I spent three of four high school years at WHS, though my family moved before my senior year. I would very much like to attend the reunion. 

(Note to classmates:  I have emailed Karen that she is welcome to join the fun. - The Class Webmaster)
Dan Steffen
Posted on the 2010-09-22 at 20:00
Blackshirts, if you are interested in reconnecting with classmates from WHS, here is your opportunity.  WHS classmates meet every Friday morning at Sunset Family Restaurant in Waukesha @ 8:30. Last Friday, we had 83 Blackshirts join in the weekly fun. Just email me or Mike Galles , if you are interested in joining us.
Ray Frentzel
Posted on the 2010-09-16 at 20:00
Just wanted to tell Drew Schnell to brush up on his "songs" for the 50th. We may have to raise the stakes from a nickel after 50 years.9828
Bill Longbrake
Posted on the 2010-09-11 at 20:00
Jean Oettinger

I still have the sheet music you gave me 50 years ago - "Secret Love".  It is quite battered, but I play it from time to time on my grand piano.  Would you like it back?

Bill Longbrake
Jack Dresdow
Posted on the 2010-09-04 at 20:00
Peter Lee just notified me that one of our classmates in the "In Memoreum" section, previously reported by someone as deceased, is still with us.  We\'re getting that changed now with our apologies to the classmate.  We appreciate you reporting this information to us for our website, but please make sure in these cases that the information to report is correct and not just heresay.  Thanks.
Mary Mattison
Posted on the 2010-09-04 at 20:00
I moved from Waukesha to Florida in August  of 1957 and it was an awful experience.   I lived the horrible segregation nightmares of that time.  At any rate, I would have been in your graduation class.

I always remembered my good friends back then...Karen Mueller,  Jean Oettinger, Sarah Raht and Jean Ann Wolfe.  I found Jean Oettingers profile but can\'t find anything about  Karen, Sarah or Jean Ann.  Would love to hear from all of you.
Reynold (Reggie) Conger
Posted on the 2010-08-29 at 20:00
I missed the 40th reunion because I was teaching at a school that started in mid August.  I promise not to miss the 50th.  I am now retired and can plan my own schedules.

May I brag?  I weigh the same as I did at graduation.


Ronna Swift
Posted on the 2010-08-10 at 20:00
Excellent web site!  I am looking forward to the reunion.  Wish I could get the old troop 14 together.  Retirement is great fun!  Anyone around Appleton?
Ann Ligocki
Posted on the 2010-08-10 at 20:00
Love it! Love it!  Great Job!! 
lyn weigel (thierfelder)
Posted on the 2010-08-01 at 20:00
now in florida. but will be up for the big 50.
any classmates here in florida for a get together?

Dan Steffen
Posted on the 2010-07-18 at 20:00
Flash, great work on the website.  You the MAN!!!!!!
Bonnie Buege-Schmitt
Posted on the 2010-07-14 at 20:00
Good Job Flash!
Jack Dresdow
Posted on the 2010-07-14 at 20:00
Hi everyone!  I hope you enjoy our website.